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When choosing window film for your vehicle there are a number of factors to take into consideration. If the tint shop you are dealing with does not ask you what you expect from your window tinting, they may be selling you what they want to install, not necessarily what you need or want. We stock 5 different films from 3M and Sun Tek, in numerous shades and tones, with distinct performance standards for YOUR SPECIFIC needs!

When considering what film will best suit a customer and their specific expectations, we pay special attention to the appearance, performance, and cost of the product. The films we have assembled offer the best balance of all three.

Our HP films give the best value. We guarantee the lowest price for this film, while offering above average performance and good looks! This product is available in grey or bronze, from 5% to 55%.
Our carbon lines (3M and SunTek) give the best long term performance with a great ‘black’ look. The 3M offering, ‘Color Stable’, has the absolute richest color of any film…for those that want their windows to look dark (even when legal). You will pay a few bucks more, but for many ‘the look’ is worth it!

Our Sun Tek CXP is a multi-layer Nano film. Multi-layer films are a must for those that want to cut as much heat as possible, especially IR rays, as these are the ones that make you feel uncomfortable! With 20 layers of film compressed together, this product cuts @ 60% of the IR heat (not to be confused with TSER), more than 3X what a standard or carbon / ceramic film does. Again, the cost is more, but the performance is tops in its class!

Finally, there is 3M Crystalline! This is an over-the-top product, that not only cuts a whopping 97% of IR rays, but is the only product that has less glare than plain glass, and can make the claim that it ‘enhances’ night visibility! At more than 250 layers thick, this is an expensive product and very difficult to install! Very expensive…but the best usually is!