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Don’t let anyone tell you that their film is best. THERE IS NO BEST FILM! The type of film required for any application depends on several factors including how the vehicle is to be used, how ‘invisible’ does the film need to be, how long the film needs to last, and how much do you want to spend.

We have tested (or are currently doing so) just about every film on the market. If we don’t offer it, it is because it is either not attractive (too shiny, dull, or orange peely looking), has no top coat which means it will get dull and dingy looking in a short amount of time, or we don’t trust the company manufacturing it to honor the warranty(this is a problem in this industry).

We stock and install 3M Scotchgard, Sun Tek Clearcoat, and Ventureshield. We also use XPEL Design Access Program for kits and Avery. Once we speak with you we will know what film would be best for your application. Generally speaking, we prefer 3M Scotchgard for its durability and track record, and Sun Tek for its clarity and lower cost. Of course, we will install the film you want…it’s your vehicle!

Update: We have replaced our standard Sun Tek film with their new and improved clear bra film that comes with a 10 year warranty which covers cracking, peeling, and a host of other items. In addition, we have NOT raised our costs for Sun Tek film’s as we would like to pass this phenomenal value along to our customers.