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There are dozens of companies that sell ‘paint protection or clear bra’ kits. Some give great coverage and some don’t. Some kits fit and some don’t. Just like types of film….there is no one ‘best’ kit. When it comes to kits (like film and installs), you get what you pay for. We have access to 13 different data bases and manufacture all of our kits in-house! We know whose kits fit best on Asian cars, German cars, American cars, etc. And because we access so many data bases, we have the kit for your newly released vehicle.

As for coverage, we offer a basic package which includes the leading edge of the hood, matching fender pieces, and mirror backs. The cost for this coverage starts at $149.00. Premium installs include the ‘basic’ package and add full front bumper, from $359.00. We will even install a kit you bought online (note: film manufacturers usually do not give warranties on these kits).

In addition to ‘kits’ for the front of cars, we offer coverage for many other areas on a variety of vehicles (think cycles, RV’s, trucks, etc.). Door edges, headlights, rocker panels , wheel openings, rear bumpers, cycle fenders and saddle bags, to name a few. Anywhere a finished surfaces need to be protected (sorry, does not work on chrome!). If you think we can help solve a problem with this product, give us a call. WE LOVE CUSTOM JOBS!!!!