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Home 5 Reasons To Install Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)
The biggest challenge of keeping a high end automobile looking like it just left the showroom floor is maintaining the paint. Let’s face it, it makes the first and most lasting impression. But now that you own the car of your dreams, how do you protect it? While select parking may prevent scratches and dings, the elements will take their toll on your car’s outer beauty. You may have heard of a clear bra to protect your investment but is it worth all of the hype? Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a clear bra for your car:
1. The term “clear bra” may make you think of safeguarding just the front bumper. While this is a popular option, make no mistake, this protective film is no longer just for the front bumper. Custom cut and fitted, clear bras can offer paint protection from bumper to bumper.
2. The elements often prove to be harshest on our paint, leading to sun fading, bug damage, road chips or paint oxidation. By applying protective film, you’re essentially sealing your paint from the elements, along with road debris while still being able to enjoy it’s beauty. 
3. Repainting a unique car can be a unique process. From proper prep to color matching and the steady hand of a skilled painter, a paint job can quickly add up to be a costly expense. Applying protective film helps to prevent the need for such restoration.
4. A clear bra is an investment. Super cars, luxury vehicles, and rare automobiles alike all share the allure of visual appearance. Wear and tear from everyday enjoyment can impact visual appeal, thus lowering value. A clear bra can negate that. If properly maintained, paint protection film helps to preserve you car’s appearance and adds value while protecting your long term investment.
5. Since 2000 (Europe) and 2004 (US) auto manufactures have been mandated to switch vehicle paint from solvent based to water based. Water based paint is soft and more susceptible to damage from road debris. Cars today will get a mark for every 100 miles they are driven on the highway. Don’t believe us? Go take a close look at the front of your car! The beauty and residual value of your car is getting pummeled on a daily basis. For less than the cost of a repaint, a ‘clear auto bra’ will keep the front of your car looking great for years to come.
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